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Avo Lounge

Just like the other signature lounges, in our other stores, the "Savor Every Note" Avo Lounge in Lisle is a one-of-a-kind environment. The surroundings are very warm and inviting as well as festive and is currently used as a members only lounge. The Avo Lounge can comfortably hold up to 20 people and is perfect for hosting large, corporate events, birthday parties or seasonal sports-viewing gatherings.

This Avo lounge is only the 6th of it's kind in the country and features the exclusive "Avo Lounge Cigar".

Avo Lisle Lounge Amenities Include:

  • 450 sq. ft. Individual of Lounge Space
  • Private Lounge Available to Members Only
  • Complimentary Soft Drinks & Bottled Water
  • Wireless Internet
  • 2 Large Screen Televisions