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S.T. Dupont Lighters

The lighter has been the emblem of S.T.Dupont since 1952. World-renowned, these coveted objects are purchased, and offered, as if they were jewels. They are adorned in precious silver, gold, palladium and lacquer.
An entire art is captured in the sophisticated and discreet "cling", which is heard when certain lighters are flicked open. Each one is a unique object with an identification number engraved on the bottom.
S.T.Dupont draws on its entire expertise to offer the very best. Seventy pieces, 600 operations, 300 tests and over 100 hours of work are required to create a lacquer lighter. All the collections are made by goldsmiths or lacquerers who meticulously execute extraordinary needle etching, chiselling, engravings and hand polishing.